The free and exclusive Ski Valet service available in the Hirafu Gondola base sets us apart as the most convenient accommodation provider in Niseko.

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Just metres from the Hirafu Gondola, the Niseko Central Ski Valet makes powder mornings so much easier.

Ask regular Niseko Central guests why it is they keep booking their Niseko holidays with us and you'll quickly begin to hear a common answer...

The Ski Valet!​

Located in the Hirafu Gondola base, there literally couldn't be a more convenient place to store your skiing equipment overnight. 

This means that all you need to do to start your ski day in Niseko is get yourself to the gondola base. Easy work without all that heavy and awkward equipment!

So have a little lie in, a stress free breakfast in your accommodation, then jump on the Hirafu shuttle which drops you at the Ski Valet door. Grab your skis, boards and boots, then walk 20 metres to get on the gondola. 

This FREE service is available exclusively to Niseko Central guests. 

The Ski Valet team are constantly praised by our departing guests in their comment cards. 

Here are a few quotes from February 2019 alone:

"The Ski Valet was a lifesaver! It saved a lot of stress not having to carry our gear and the kids gear every day. THANKS!" - Dwayne, stayed at Ezo 365. 

"The Ski Valet service was exceptional. The staff were very friendly, super-efficient and diligent." - Fadeem, stayed at Youtei Tracks. 

"Ski Valet staff are stars, it is the reason we stay at Niseko Central." - Aaron, stayed at Powder Tracks. 

"Loved the Ski Valet team." - Paul, stayed at Yama Shizen.

"The guys in the Ski Valet were so friendly and helpful" - Chris, stayed at Youtei Tracks. 

Overnight tuning services are also available should your skis need some wax or the edges sharpened. 

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Book with Niseko Central today and make the most of our convenient and free Ski Valet service. 

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