Enjoy delicious nabe in the comfort of your own accommodation, perfect as a winter warmer!

Price Snapshot

Chicken Nabe: ¥4,600 per person
Pork Nabe: ¥4,600 per person
Vegetarian Nabe: ¥4,300 per person

***Availability limited so early booking is strongly recommended***

  • Information

    Please note that Niseko Central are not offering this service for the 2021-22 season.

    Please note the following information relates to last season. The information will be updated and the service will be available to book once prices and details are released by our supplier.

    With all ingredients prepared to be just put together and heated, our hot pot dinners are a perfect solution when it's too cold to eat outside or if you want to have a fun meal with your family and friends in your accommodation!

    Foodworks Nabe Lr 8406

    Chicken: ¥4,600 per person

    Sliced chicken breast, chicken tsumire, Chinese cabbage, leek, carrot, enoki, tofu, shungiku, Asian chives.

    Pork: ¥4,600 per person

    Sliced pork belly, chicken tsumire, Chinese cabbage, leek, carrot, enoki, tofu, shungiku, Asian chives.

    Mushroom Vegetarian: ¥4,300 per person

    A selection of Japanese mushrooms (shimeji, shiitake, maitake, eringi, enoki), Chinese cabbage, leek, carrot, enoki, tofu, shungiku, Asian chives.

    All Nabe options:

    All prices include rental of the nabe pot and cooking equipment. Cooking instructions will be supplied in English upon delivery.

    All nabe sets come with a choice of Miso or Soy broth along with a shime (finisher) of either ramen, udon or rice. 

    Additional options:

    • Sliced Chicken Breast (¥600 per 200g)
    • Sliced Pork Belly (¥1,000 per 200g)
    • Mushroom Plate (4 kinds for ¥1,000)
    • Additional Udon Noodles (¥400 per pack)
    • Additional Ramen Noodles (¥400 per pack)
    • Cooked White Rice (¥400 per pack)
    • Chilli Garlic Sauce (¥100)

    Booking Terms:

    • Bookings available between 15 Dec 2019-31 March 2020.
    • Bookings must be made by 4pm the day prior to delivery.
    • Not available in rooms without a kitchen (Studio rooms type).
    • Minimum order of 4 portions per booking is required (Maximum 12).
    • The nabe set will be delivered to your room between 3pm and 6pm for dinner. 
    • Lunch nabe is not available.
    • The equipment will be collected the morning after the delivery date.
  • Terms
    • Payment for guest service bookings is due 7 days prior to check-in. We reserve the right to cancel any services unpaid for by this date.
    • Cancellations 48 hours or less prior to the delivery time will incur a 100% cancellation fee.
    • Cancellation includes changes that reduce the overall value of the booking.