Travel to Niseko in the ultimate luxury and style. A private coach service with a chauffeur and a personal attendant.

Price Snapshot

December to February - One-way fare: ¥70,200, Return fare: ¥135,000
March (until March 28) - One-way fare: ¥64,800, Return fare: ¥124,200

  • Information

    Travel with Coolstar and enjoy an entertainment system, mini bar and amenities, as well as a personal attendant to serve drinks while you enjoy the scenic landscape.

    Coolstar seats 6 people comfortably with luggage, or up to 9 people comfortably without luggage.

    December to February

    One-way fare: ¥70,200, Return fare: ¥135,000
    Sightseeing option (3 hours): additional ¥19,440

    March to April 28

    One-way fare: ¥64,800, Return fare: ¥124,200

    April 29 to November

    One-way fare: ¥70,200, Return fare: ¥129,600

    Please note:

    • An additional 16,200yen fee applies to transfers leaving Niseko prior to 8:30am, or to Guests on flights scheduled to arrive at Chitose airport after 6pm (no charge for flights scheduled to arrive before 6pm that are delayed).
    • The Coolstar can be fitted with up to 2 child seats. Please let us know at the time of booking if they are required. A charge of ¥3,000 will be applied for each child seat.
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  • Terms & Conditions
    • Bookings can only be accepted more than 72 hours in advance. However, availability is limited so Guests are encouraged to book at least 2 weeks in advance.
    • Bookings can only be accepted from Niseko Central’ Guests.
    • Bookings are not confirmed until you receive confirmation from Niseko Central via email.
    • Payment for any Guest Service is due 7 days prior to Check-In. We reserve the right to cancel without notice any service we have not received payment for by this due date.
    • Bookings are subject to the Niseko Central terms and conditions.
    • Coolstar cancellation policy is as follow:
      • Cancellation or changes up to 21 days - 20%
      • Cancellation or changes up to 14 days - 30%
      • Cancellation or changes up to 7 days - 50%
      • Cancellation or changes up to 2 days - 60%
      • Cancellation or changes within 48 hours prior to the day your tour starts (including "no shows" for reasons such as cancelled flights) - 100 %
    • In the case of delayed flights, Coolstar will wait up to 2 hours for the Guests. For delays longer than 2 hours, Coolstar will not be able to provide the service and 100% cancellation fee. will apply. We strongly recommend Guests take out travel insurance to cover against cancellations from delayed or cancelled flights. In the case where Guests are delayed for reasons other than delayed flights (e.g. missed flight), 100% cancellation fee applies
    • Please note that when the number of guests is seven or more, only the Starlimousine without toilet facility is available. In that case, a few toilet stops on the way will be made instead.