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Small, but delicious Thai Restaurant. Spicy food makes you warm!

  • Information

    Reservations for this restaurant cannot be made until it opens. We will hold your reservation until they open and then try to make your booking. We will contact you then to let you know if the restaurant is able to accept your booking. Please note: your booking cannot be confirmed until the restaurant opens.

    Tuk Tuk uses the finest ingredients from Hokkaido and Thailand. Non spicy or vegetarian dishes are also available. Private party available. BYO accepted.

    Hours: 6:00pm-9:00pm everday. Tuk Tuk will open from December. They will be closed for New Year's Day.

    • Telephone: 080-3249-4092
    • Address: 170-41 Yamada, Kutchan-cho, Abuta-gun 044-0081
    • Style: Japanese Dining
    • Location: Hirafu-Central
    • English Speaking: Yes
    • English Menu: Yes
    • Credit Card Accepted: No
    • Vegetarian Options: Yes

    Restaurant Status

    Please note that reservations must be made directly with Tuk Tuk. You can make a reservation by phone at 080-3249-4092.