2023 Summer Long Stay Rates

Niseko Central offers a variety of properties of all sizes in Upper, Middle, and Lower Hirafu, providing guests with the flexibility and comfort they need to make the most of their stay. With our long-stay options, you can choose the number of days that best suits your needs.

View the range of properties and our Summer Long Stay Rates below. The longer you stay, the more you save!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Accommodation Options


BedsTypeProperty nameRates (from 22+ nights)
1 BedroomStandardDeep Tracks, Hangetsu, Powder Tracks¥7,000
1 BedroomStandardYama Shizen, Youtei Tracks, Kisetsukan¥8,100
1 BedroomDeluxeYoutei Tracks¥10,400
2 BedroomStandardDeep Tracks, Hangetsu, Miharashi, Powder Tracks¥9,900
2 BedroomStandardYama Shizen, Youtei Tracks, Kisetsukan¥11,100
2 BedroomDeluxeYoutei Tracks¥15,100
2 BedroomLuxuryYoutei Tracks¥16,200
2 BedroomPenthouseYama Shizen, Youtei Tracks¥18,000
2 BedroomYoutei View PenthouseYoutei Tracks¥22,600
3 BedroomStandardMiharashi, Powder Tracks¥11,600
3 BedroomStandardYama Shizen, Youtei Tracks, Kisetsukan¥13,400
3 BedroomLuxuryYoutei Tracks¥19,700
3 BedroomPenthouseYama Shizen, Youtei Tracks¥20,300
3 BedroomYoutei View PenthouseYoutei Tracks¥23,800

Resort Home

BedsTypeProperty nameRates (from 22+ nights)
1 BedroomStandardHorizon¥6,800
2 BedroomStandardHirafu House, Horizon, Mori¥9,900
2 BedroomDeluxeKonkuriito¥12,100
3 BedroomStandardHirafu House, Horizon, Mori, Shirakaba¥11,600
3 BedroomStandardJ-House¥15,100
3 BedroomDeluxeEzo, Konkuriito¥15,100
4 BedroomStandardKashi Lodge, Horizon, Konkuriito, Miyuki, Whisky Woods¥13,400
4 BedroomStandardJ House¥18,500
4 BedroomDeluxeEzo¥18,500
4 BedroomLuxuryHirafu Woods¥20,800
5 BedroomStandardMiyuki, Tsuru¥16,200

Terms and Conditions

  • Please note that we cannot accept room changes after check-in for any reason
  • Up to two changes to the date of stay or the number of bedrooms can be made free of charge before the balance is paid. After that, a change fee of 2,500 yen will be charged for each change. Extension of stay is not included
  • Additional charges for pets: 5,000 yen per week per dog under 6KG
  • When exceeding the standard capacity for rooms, additional fees will apply
  • For other terms and conditions, please check here.

Repeater Discount

If you make consecutive reservations, you will receive a 5% repeater discount from the second year onward. This discount will be applied after the normal long stay discount has been calculated.

Ready to make a Summer Long Stay booking?

Please enquire with our Niseko Central Reservation Team via email or phone.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0136-23-3503