As the company’s representative and first point of contact, provide efficient and professional customer service to Niseko Central Guests, owners and visitors. Assist our Guests with anything from booking restaurants to accepting payment for accommodation. Japanese and English speaking is a strong advantage.

Start date: Mid November 2019

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Job Description

Below is a brief description of what you would be doing on a day to day basis. This is not a comprehensive list, but it is what you would generally be doing:

Daily tasks;

  • Responding to all emails and enquiries (from restaurant bookings to generating confirmation) in a timely manner
  • Direct all incoming calls to the appropriate department and team member by responding in a professional manner
  • Prepare for daily operation of the front desk by completing tasks on the daily checklist

Payment and transactions;

  • Reviewing the all recorded charges to ensure all Guests’ accounts are accurate
  • Handling daily payment transaction by receiving cash or charging credit card and record all transactions in our Content Management Software
  • Update currency exchange rate and in charge of foreign currency exchange transactions

Support Guest Services team;

  • Direct all issues to the appropriate department (Cleaning Services, Maintenance, Tour Desk, Duty Manager) or team member by identifying the problem and its level of urgency
  • Support the Tour Desk by making telephone bookings as required
  • Contacting the guests and agents for arrival information to ensure smooth check-ins

Check-ins/outs and data entry

  • Handling check-ins and outs in our Content Management Software
  • Processing the guest’s information in our Content Management Software
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Job Particulars

Pay Rate

  • ¥1,300 - ¥1,450 per hour (commensurate with experience and Japanese language ability). Pay rate based on 2018/19 season and subject to change.
  • 25% overtime rate for hours worked above prescribed working hours
  • 25% late night work rate for work between 10pm and 5am

Employment Period

  • Mid November 2019 to end of March 2020. Exact dates to be announced closer to the season.
  • We start our staff with training to give you all you need to know about working for Niseko Central!
  • Guaranteed work until end of contract, with the potential to extend pending work availability


  • Generally 5 days per week, around 40 hours per week
  • This is likely to be higher during peak season (including some weeks where you may be required to work 6 days) and a little quieter during the start and ends of the season
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Job Benefits


  • Each of our accommodations is subsidised to bring you housing at an affordable price.
  • Singles, twin shares (doubles for couples), to hexa shares in a range of locations to suit a variety of budgets.

Lift Passes

  • Your own Free Grand Hirafu season lift pass is offered.
  • Most companies will give their staff access to shared Grand Hirafu passes; these are usually kept at work so it may stop you getting first lifts on powder days. Shared passes also cannot be upgraded to All Mountain passes (unless everyone sharing the pass agrees to it). Working for Niseko Central means your pass can live in your riding jacket and gives you the opportunity to pay the difference to upgrade to an All Mountain pass.
  • For those of you who do not require a lift pass you will be offered instead a payment of ¥20,000.

Bi-monthly Pay

  • Receive your pay every 2 weeks.
  • Most local employers pay monthly which can leave you eating into your savings at the start of the season.

Cost Price on Niseko Central -delivered Services

  • Please see our website for more details on what we book, but this could include things like snowmobiling, back country tours, transfers and car rental.

Discounts on HTM's services

  • Discounts available on bookings made by staff at HTM managed properties, GoSnow lessons and SkyExpress Transfers. Have your friends and family experience Niseko at a discount price!

Free Ski or Snowboard Lessons & Workshops

  • Free ski/snowboard group lessons & workshops (availability dependent)

Potential Sponsorship in the Future

  • For the best performing seasonal staff, Niseko Central will want you back and we would like to sponsor you for future seasons (provided you meet the sponsorship criteria).
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Advice from former Niseko Central staff

We have put some information together from last season’s staff to try and give you a flavour of what it's like here and to give you a little help and advice on a season with Niseko Central. Advice from Connie (one of our Front Desk staff) is shown below.

What most represents life in Niseko?

Connie: “A ‘home away from home’, Niseko itself is undoubtedly westernised, but at the same time you can venture 20 minutes down the road and have a more ‘authentic’ taste of Japan, it’s a great combination.”

What advice would you give a friend looking to work here in Niseko?

Connie: “Leave the slip-proof boots at home, and pack those extra 10 beanies instead haha; you can pick some replacement wellies up from the local shopping centre for cheap!”

What did you most enjoy about working for Niseko Central?

Connie: “I’ve done ski seasons before, and without a doubt, the amount of free ‘ride-time’ I got on the mountain was highest whilst working with Niseko Central. This was due to either commencing my shift at 07:30 and finishing at 14:30 or starting at 14:30 and finishing at 21:30, so either way i had a morning or evening to go skiing if I chose to, amongst my days off there was a lot of riding Niseko’s pure powder!”

How would you describe your job?

Connie: “Fast paced, unpredictable, rewarding yet challenging.”

What was the best part of your job?

Connie: “Getting to integrate with people from around the world, particularly experiencing the Japanese culture first-hand. I also loved the unpredictability of the day, and being able to mix being on the front desk with running errands outside for guests.

What was the biggest challenge about working in hospitality in Niseko?

Connie: “The language barrier, especially working on the front desk, it would have been easier if I was fluent in Japanese, but my Japanese co-workers were incredibly helpful and patient with me.”

What would you like to say to staff starting here next season?

Connie: “It’s a wonderful experience, especially if you’ve never been to Japan before, Niseko let’s you ‘ease’ yourself into Japan’s customs / culture and pick up a few phrases before you venture off to see the rest of Japan at the end of your season!”

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