7 Reasons To Make Your Next Vacation Perfect By Booking Directly From Hotels

Choosing the right hotel for your trip is not an easy task. With the enormous number of deals, promotions and programs out there, it can be overwhelming. Many travelers have this question in mind: Should I book a room directly from the hotel or through an online agent? Powerful online travel sites like Booking.com or Priceline.com are difficult to ignore. When people search for hotel rooms, these online travel sites often come at the top of the results.

However, the benefits of booking directly from hotels greatly outweigh the benefits of booking hotels on the third-party travel sites. Here are 7 reasons why you should book directly from hotels.

Best rate guarantee

If you think booking your hotels on online travel sites would help you save some money on a nice hotel room, you may be wrong. Online travel sites sometimes offer a relatively lower rate, but what you get from them is usually a small room with a few amenities. Booking directly from hotel sites will guarantee you a nice room with the best rate.

Reliable booking and payment processes

Hotel websites are the sources most relied on for researching and evaluating hotels. 74% of people search for hotel information through hotel sites. They think it’s a much more reliable and safer way to book and pay than booking on online travel sites, since those sites could be open to fraud.

Ability to request the exact type of room

On third-party travel sites, the option of the room types may be limited. However if you book from a hotel, you can choose the room and even the bed.

Personalization of your stay

Imagine you just got off the flight and arrive at the hotel late. Isn’t it great that there’s a comforting cup of tea waiting for you in your room? Customizing your room makes your vacation much more fun. You can tell the hotel what you want with your room before you check in. All you need to do after is to enjoy the personalization.

No hidden cost and booking fees

You don’t want to find out you have a booking fee or website service fee you need to pay the day you leave the hotel. For some online travel sites, there is hidden cost that you don’t know until the day of check out. Booking directly from hotel sites will save you from these unnecessary hidden fees.

Flexibility to cancel reservation

It’s much more flexible to change or cancel reservations through hotel sites. You don’t need to worry that once you make a reservation you have to stick with it. If you want to reschedule the date, you can contact the hotel and quickly make a change.

Valuable hotel credits

One good thing about booking from hotels is that you can get valuable hotel credits. If you travel to the place often, and stay with the same hotel, you can get rewards, which will turn into valuable offers like free upgrades or free breakfast. However you won’t be able to enjoy the values through booking on a third-party travel site.

Make a reservation directly through hotel sites and make the most out of your trip. If you want to learn more about booking hotels online, see the infographic below.

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Posted on 19 May, 2014 by Jackie in Travel Tips.