Niseko Central is delighted to announce the reduction in our booking requirement from 5 nights to 3 nights. Now, guests looking to experience Niseko Central are able to do so, even if pressed for time.

Niseko Central will be offering this special booking reduction during Niseko’s winter season, which marks the busiest time of the year for Niseko Central. During this time, the region will expect to receive over 15m of snowfall, an impressive amount that attracts winter sports lovers from around the world.

“We chose to reduce the booking requirement as a way to accommodate those who are either close in location to Niseko and can travel back and forth for a quick visit, or are enthusiastic about visiting, but don’t have lots of time to take for vacation,” explained Chris Pickering, Operations Manager at Niseko Central. “With this change, we hope to be able to welcome a variety of new Guests and provide them with an exceptional stay, even if for a short period of time. It’s a great chance for our Guests from around Asia to pop over for a quick snow fix!”

Niseko Central’ booking reduction will be offered for the length of the winter season, which runs from mid December to early May.

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