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AT YOUR SERVICE. Seasonal staff of Niseko Central' tour desk team flash their warm smiles amidst the freezing weather. From left: Flora (Scotland), Riaia (New Zealand), Chloe (England) and Noni (Australia).

No, they're not the fairy godmothers of some princess (no matter how much their names may sound like they are), but their personalities are no less enchanting. Each winter season, Niseko Central hires dozens of seasonal staff to assist with the needs of droves of international guests who come to Niseko, the winter wonderland we all know and love. Today, we talk to some of the first few recruits of the tour desk team, who handle arranging for guest airport transfers, lift passes, lessons, rentals, and more. Although two of them hail from the Pacific and the other two from the Atlantic, these girls share a lot in common despite having very diverse (and impressive) backgrounds. We find out what they are passionate about and what makes them so interesting:

HTH: Your favorite country traveled to and why?

Flora: New Zealand. Amazing beaches and beautiful mountains - the best of both worlds!

Riaia: Mexico. Great food, drinks (tequila!!), beaches and parties!

Chloe: Bali, Indonesia. Fun times trying to surf, drinking Bintang beer and lounging on the beach.

Noni: Honduras! (All of Central America, really.) Amazing hidden national parks, friendly locals, amazing scuba diving and islands.

HTH: Those are very exotic choices from a well-traveled bunch! So what have you been doing prior to arriving here?

Flora: I have done three winter seasons previously: two in French ski hotels and one in a ski resort retail store in New Zealand. I have also worked in hotelreservations in Scotland for a year before coming to Niseko.

Riaia: I have worked as a lawyer since 2009. I took a year off at the end of 2010 to do a winter and summer season in Whistler Blackcomb, Canada where I worked in a restaurant on the mountain.

Chloe: Four years working in Property Management in Bansko, Bulgaria and two years working in a bar and restaurant in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Noni:A bit of everything. On and off in the mining industry in Western Australia for last the last years; hospitality event management, USA Summer Camps and plenty of unemployed long-term travelling.

HTH: Looks like most of you have spent a lot of time in the snow. Which begs the question: Skier or Boarder?

Flora: Boarder.

Riaia: Both (but definitely a skier at heart!)

Chloe: Snowboarder.

Noni: Umm hopefully going to be awesome at both as this is my first season! I love a bit of snowshoeing! Fuel TV, call me for my amazing GoPro footage!

HTH: Lastly, what do you love most about Niseko?

Flora: The snow! Experiencing Japanese food and culture and meeting new, like-minded people from all over the world.

Riaia: How you can spend all day riding phenomenal powder and then evenings eating and drinking delicious Japanese food and beer/whisky, all with like-minded people who love the snow.

Chloe: Really excited to ride some of the famous Japanese powder this winter.

Noni: All my new friends and the opportunity to come together with people from all over the world to experience the best powder in the world!

There you have it. While their answers are seemingly worthy of competing and winning the Miss Universe pageant, these young ladies are one in aspiring toward the same goal under Niseko Central - and that's for our guests to delightfully experience Niseko.

​Kevin Tsai

Posted on 14 November, 2014 by ​Kevin Tsai in Niseko Central News, Staff.