Hokkaido seafood is the stuff of legend. Known throughout Japan and indeed, the rest of the world for its abundance and quality, get the best of the best of it here in Niseko this winter. 

Uni (Sea Urchin)

Kumo Restaurant General 25 Low Res

An uni and ikura salad, fresh from Hokkaido's coastal waters.

The surprisingly sweet and rich taste of uni is a must-try in Niseko. A distinctly Japanese flavour, unavailable elsewhere in the world, this delicacy is most often served cold on a warm bowl of rice but sometimes in sushi or tossed in a salad too. The unique contrast created by the coolness of the uni and the warmth of the rice is inexplicable and must be tasted to be believed. 

Fujizushi sources uni from Shakotan, a Hokkaido coastal area renowned as the home of the most delicious uni. You'll find the restaurant opposite Seicomart at the Hirafu intersection. 

Hokkaido Crab

Taraba Crab

Few places in the world can boast such delicious king crab. 

Hokkaido is like a crab-lovers fairy-tale with its coastal waters containing some of the biggest and  most delicious crab in the world. Famous hairy crab, snow crab and king crab are abundant, and each morning in the markets of Hakodate and Otaru, buyers and sellers trade the best crab available. Many of these crabs are purchased by Niseko restaurant owners, and within just a few hours, could be on your plate!

Taraba (King) crab with shiso butter and lime at the brand new Kumo Restaurant at Skye Niseko comes highly recommended.

Ikura (Salmon Roe)

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Try ikura at Kagra, an outstanding seafood restaurant come fish shop in Niseko Town. 

Salmon roe is another Hokkaido favourite that you simply must try in Niseko. Often marinated or soaked in soy sauce to add a rich, savoury element to the flavour, the 'popping' sensation when eating Ikura is a fun experience when dining with friends. You will commonly find ikura served with uni in a rice bowl or salad.

In Niseko Town you will find Kagra, a fantastic restaurant to try ikura, and seafood in general. Part restaurant, part fish shop, Kagra ensure only the freshest seafood makes it to your plate.

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Evan Johnson

Posted on 04 February, 2019 by Evan Johnson in Winter.