Big congratulations to everyone who took part in the Niseko Classic yesterday (July 13, 2014). While we wait for the official race results to go online, here is the story of the day from an Niseko Central' point of view!

- Six (and a half) members of Niseko Central' staff took the time to volunteer and help the race run smoothly. Ryo, Sanae, Michiko, Chris and Noah (the half!) were out on the course controlling traffic, while Yoshi and Yoko went round behind the riders picking up cones and course markers. Great job everyone!

- Three Niseko Central' staff members actually took part in the race. Izumi finished 4th in the 70km women's race and 2nd in her category which is incredible! Matt was 19th in the men's 70km (4th in his category) and Tom was just behind him.

- The Niseko Adventure Centre (NAC) put on a fantastic event and it was wonderful to see the 180 competitors from all over Japan and the 200 volunteers from all over Niseko.

Next year the plan is for the Niseko Classic to become part of the UCI Masters' Series. Niseko Central is proud to be one of the major sponsors of the event and one of the driving forces behind cycling in Niseko. Watch this space for more information!