Niseko Geisha are back with new activities

BRAND NEW!!! They have set up a new GEISHA BAR in Kutchan. This is a fun and cheap way to meet a geisha for those with a budget. The Geisha Bar is listed as No. 27 on the Niseko Resort Map Kutchan section.

GEISHA SCHOOL: Though geisha training is usually secret, the Niseko Geisha are allowing tourists to come to see their lessons in the afternoon from 1:30 to 3:30. Children are welcome. You will be able to see the geisha practice their singing, shamisen, flute, drums and dancing.

BANQUETS: They are doing regular banquets as usual too. There are two styles:

1. The geisha can visit you at your ski lodge (with or without a catered dinner)

2. You can come down to Kutchan to have a traditional Japanese meal in a beautiful restaurant with geisha entertainment. Phone: 090 6046 9708