Vibrant, energetic and culture rich: Summer in Niseko is festival season. Experience local Japanese culture like dance, food and music, along with much more, at the summer festivals or "matsuri" in and around Niseko in July and August.

Get your calendar's at the ready; here's our favourites coming up.

Hirafu Matsuri

The Hirafu Matsuri is one of Niseko's main festivals and is a favourite among locals and visitors alike.

The event features games and contests, delicious food and live performances, as well as prizes up for grabs. Don't forget to wait for the fireworks display in the evening.

Great for: Foodies and those who want to travel like a local

When: August 19
Where: Sun Sports Land, nearby Hirafu Village

Hirafu Matsuri 2016 Summer Festival 13 Fireworks And Taiko Drums

Dazzling fireworks display at the Hirafu Matsuri.

Niseko Town Tanabata Fireworks Festival

Enjoy live music and performances; arts and crafts for the whole family; and a selection of tasty, Japanese-style festival food.

Be sure to stick around for the evening fireworks display as over 1,500 fireworks are launched into the night sky.

Great for: Foodies and families

When: August 5
Where: Niseko Town Athletic Park

Niseko Town Tanabata Fireworks Festival 2017 02

Local children enjoying the festivities at the Niseko Town Tanabata Fireworks Festival.

Kutchan Jaga Matsuri (Potato Festival)

Kutchan Town's big summer festival is the Jaga Matsuri (Potato Festival) and one that can't be missed. Enjoy live performances, food and games over the two-day festival. A nebata (giant paper lantern) parade is a wonderful end to the first night of the festival and a parade of 1,000 dancers and a firework display rounds out the festival on day two.

Great for: Photography enthusiasts and Japanese culture fans

When: Aug 5-6 from 12pm - 10pm
Where: Train Station Road, Kutchan

Nebuta Kutchan Town Potato Festival Jaga Matsuri 2016

Nebata (giant paper lantern) parade at the Jaga Matsuri.

Iwanai Dotou Fireworks Festival 2017

Enjoy one of the biggest fireworks displays in the Niseko area as the Hokkaido coastline is lit up.

Over the two-day festival see live stage performances and dances by locals as well as special shops set up, known as 'Tarafuki Village'.

When: Aug 5-6 from 12pm - 10pm (fireworks on Aug 6 from 8:30pm)
Where: Iwanai Town port area

Iwanai Town Dotou Matsuri Summer Festival Hotate Grill Scallops Food

Grilled scallops at Iwanai Dotou Fireworks Festival.

Want to join in the festival fun? Book a stay this summer in Niseko and be a part of the magic.

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Sofie Lahtinen

Posted on 14 July, 2017 by Sofie Lahtinen in Summer.