What is a Strider?

Striders were first designed and manufactured in 2007 in the United States as a new alternative way to helping children learn to ride their bikes. Foregoing traditional bike pedals, the Strider focuses on helping learners develop a sense of balance on two wheels while relying on their feet to "kick-off" the ground for forward propulsion. Striders are designed for children ages two to five years old, just the at the age that many children begin to learn to ride a bicycle.

Strider Event Obstacles

Children riding their striders across a range of obstacles!

What is the Enjoy Cup?

First and foremost, the main purpose of the Enjoy Cup is in it's namesake—having fun and enjoying friendly competition. Held all across Japan and the world, children ages two to six are eligible to enter. All entries are welcome, of course, as this friendly event aims to be inclusive to all. There are four age categories dividing the event up to help ensure everyone has a good time (children will be divided into the following categories: 2-year-old age group, 3-year-old age group, 4-year-old age group, and 5-and-six-year-old age group).

Entry and Registration

The Niseko Stage of the Strider Enjoy Cup is being held August 28, 2016. Registrations will be accepted up until August 7, 2016 so don't delay in signing up your child! Guests traveling from a distance are recommended to find accommodation for the evening as the event is a full afternoon.

Niseko Central is ready to do its part in helping families looking to participate, but in need of accommodation. We are happy to announce that we will be providing an additional 10% off accommodation costs for any guests with children participating in the Strider Enjoy Cup: Niseko Stage!

Please contact our Reservation Team for more information about the discount and your summer stay! Don't forget to register your child for the event before the deadline!

Email: [email protected]

Strider Enjoy Cup Registration Page
Strider Enjoy Cup Niseko Stage 2016