Niseko has many family friendly activities during the summer season. With the tranquillity and warm weather in Niseko, the area has a lot of outdoor activities for the entire family to take part in. Here are a few of our top picks. 

Tree Trekking

Edit Nac Tree Trekking 48

Suitable for young children and adults, this activity is fun for the entire family to participate in. The obstacle course is suspended between trees and has an amazing view of Niseko area when gliding down the zip line. With over 100 obstacles across a variety of difficulty levels, there is something for everyone. Try this at NAC or Niseko Village.  



Enjoy a BBQ at many of the public parks around Niseko this summer. In Japan, many parks allow BBQ and have basic BBQ facilities in designated areas. Purchase some marinated cuts of meat from the local supermarkets such as Lucky or MaxValue and enjoy a BBQ throughout the day. End the evening with some sparklers for the whole family to play with. 

BBQ rental service are available for guests staying with us. 


2017Nac Raft 34

Raft down Shiribetsu River as a family and create some fun water splashing memories together. While adults can enjoy the challenging turns and small jumps, the kids will feel an adrenaline rush from the river flow. Try this at NAC.


Young Girl Child Riding Bike Cycling Summer Edit

Niseko has many cycling events in the summer, many of which are family friendly. Niseko Fun Ride and Nature Ride Niseko are two cycling events which encourage the participation of young children. Go on a family cycling trip around Niseko Area and enjoy the view from all around. 

Horse Riding

Horse riding, Niseko Village

Go on a fun horse ride at K2 Stables or Niseko Village this summer. Stroll through the forest or open fields and enjoy the blue skies with endless greenery around. Young kids will love riding the horse and being in close contact with the majestic animal.  

Interested in the activities above? Let us help you arrange your summer activities. 


Posted on 06 June, 2018 by Victoria in Summer.