Whether it’s a beach or ski vacation, today’s consumers are researching and booking travel and accommodations online.

Booking a vacation doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With so much information available online via hotel websites, travel review sites, videos, you name it, planning your next trip can be as enjoyable as the vacation itself!

Take a look at our survey findings and see how travelers make planning a vacation fun.

80% of the travelers use online sources in planning travel, whereas 65% book travel directly on company websites and 61% are inspired by something they saw online.

When searching for travel options, 60% of people use search engines primarily. Also, hotel and airline websites account for 58% and 47%, respectively.

Online travel agencies can be a useful resource when looking for a destination. Half of the respondents indicate that they’re considering a few destinations when visiting travel agency sites, whereas 43% know exactly where they want to go and only 6% of people are considering several destinations.

Price accounts for 85% of the most important factor to travelers’ decisions; 73% of people say that relevant activities are what lead their decision, and 57% indicate that promotions and deals are important.

Travelers enjoy taking advantage of special deals offered by loyalty programs. 76% of people are more likely to choose an airline that is part of a loyalty program, whereas 75% will stay in a hotel that is part of a program, and 71% of travelers will return to a car agency when it belongs to a loyalty program as well.

When it comes to the travel planning process, most people (65%) watch online videos when looking for activity ideas at a specific destination. Moreover, 52% watch them to plan their trips, and only 29% watch videos when selecting an online site to book a vacation.