Niseko is fast becoming a popular destination for adventurous and luxurious travelers and it isn’t a surprise to see its reputation soaring in most leading travel guides’ “Best places to ski, unwind and enjoy a great holiday”. For the benefit of those who haven’t heard about Niseko yet, here are 6 main reasons why Niseko is the ultimate adventure and luxury escape:

1. Great Snow Powder Conditions

The weather condition in Niseko is almost tailor made to create a quality of snow which is perfect for most skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts’ preference. Endless stretches of untouched tracks of snow make Niseko as one of the best adventure paradises in the world. The scenic surrounding also makes the snow path more ideal. This is the place where both adventurous travelers and those seeking a luxurious escape can have a wonderful time because this snow-covered town is a magical winter paradise landscape all year-round.

2. Off-the-Beaten Path Opportunities

A large part of being an adventurous and luxurious traveler is to get the opportunity of discovering new places that are most of the time hidden from the usual tourist trails. Niseko boasts of many off-the-beaten path attractions that will make any holidaymakers more satisfied in experiencing moments of new discovery. Whether it’s a new skiing trail, a luxurious onsen hot spring in a hidden location or a tasty sushi bar only a few locals know about, Niseko has a plenty of hidden delights to offer.

3. Abundance of Luxurious Hotels and Accommodation Options

Travelers in search of unmatched luxury will rejoice at the fact that Niseko has some of the world’s best and most luxurious ski resorts. Hotels such as Ki Niseko and Chalet Ivy are pampering to the needs of the most demanding travelers, while luxurious condominiums are on offer throughout the village. Here Guests can get help and advice when required, but enjoy the privacy of their own large apartment or home for the remainder of their stay.

4. Night Skiing

After a day of luxurious pampering, what better way to end it than with a round of night skiing. The night-time skiing conditions in Niseko are one of the best in the world, as world class skiers have attested. Imagine skiing while a flood of lights illuminate the whole mountainside, which is nothing short of a surreal experience.

5. Cheaper Compared to other World-Class Ski Destinations

Comparatively, Niseko brings greater bang for the buck than other world-class ski destinations like those found in Europe, Canada and the USA. Whether its lift passes or eating out, you will certainly be able to afford more luxurious experiences in Niseko compared to other resorts.

6. Ski, Sushi and Onsens Galore

Aside from the awesome ski trails and luxurious resorts, Niseko offers a wide range of delicious food choices highlighted by Japanese dishes like sushi, sashimi, ramen, yakitori, seafood curry and a lot more. Plus, the many onsen or thermal baths located all over Niseko bring forth instant soothing and relaxation to the body.

Yukoro Onsen in Hirafu.