Last night's snowfall has brought a wave of relief to guests across the resort and has engulfed Niseko in scenic finery! The resort really has taken on a fantastic atmosphere as light fluffy powder has clung to trees, roofs, and wires overnight. Walking through the streets up to my office, you had to be careful as clumps of the white powder would break off and surprise you from above. Many guests around the village were out and enjoying the snow, and I saw more than a few children laughing in delight as they threw fistfuls of fresh powder up in the air.


Beautiful winter creek still barely visible beneath the fresh fall

As I walked along the white roads to my office in the upper village, I watched a group of guests posing for photos in front of their accommodation. One of the children asked their mother if she thought that a taxi driver would be angry if she threw a snowball at his car. I couldn't quite catch her response as I continued up along the mountain, but I couldn't help stifle a smile as I wondered if it was that young guest's first winter experience.


The walk up to Yama Shizen East and West from route 343. Miharashi Apartments are barely visible through the snow-covered trees!

Matt Kaiser

Posted on 17 December, 2015 by Matt Kaiser in Niseko Central News.