We are excited to announce that respected and in-demand London yoga teacher Aram Raffy will be in Niseko running an unmissable yoga retreat this coming August 18th through 24th.

Each day will be divided between morning and afternoon/evening classes. Morning classes will range between 90 - 120 minutes and afternoon/evening classes will run between 75 - 90 minutes for 6.5 days.

Morning yoga classes will be dynamic Yogasana practice. Ashtanga based vinyasa. Strong, fast, sweaty fun! Evening classes will be more gentle restorative sessions with an emphasis on helping students in developing a personal seated meditation practice.

The event is being hosted by Ki Niseko, but the retreat is open to any guests or locals wishing to participate. Classes will take place in Hirafu 188's fifth floor conference room. Registration ahead of time is recommended as availability is limited and package registration must be confirmed one day in advance.

Aram Raffy Yoga Beach

As a well-known yoga instructor in London, Aram Raffy teaches classes at some of the city's top studios. Having traveled extensively to study and further his practice, he has taught and learned from people of all walks of life.

As a student of both Eastern and Western philosophies, Aram Raffy seeks to pass on the spiritual essence of Yoga through a powerful physical practice, deep conscious breath-work and active meditation. His most well-known classes are an uplifting style of Ashtanga vinyasa-krama and when set to an eclectic soundtrack, his original sense of humour, and a gentle guiding hand it is a real experience to be a part of.

Raffy's plan for the retreat is to run dynamic, strong, fast and sweaty Yogasana practice in the morning and gentle, restorative sessions in the evening, with a focus on aiding students to develop a personal seated meditation practice.

Lesson Schedule

18 (Thurs)19 (Fri)20 (Sat)21 (Sun)22 (Mon)23 (Tues)24 (Wed)
6pm-9pm3pm-6pmHirafu Matsuri (2:30pm - 3pm)3pm-6pm3pm-6pm3pm-6pm3pm-6pm

Yoga Lessons and Package Deals

Weekday Class: 2500 yen per class

Weekend Class: 3500 yen per class

Healthy Pack Deals: Combine Yoga with the Ki Niseko Onsen and good food at An Dining

1-Day Package

  • 2 Yoga Classes + Free Onsen Use + Lunch = 7000 yen (normal price of 7500 yen)
  • 2 Yoga Classes + Free Onsen Use + Lunch and Dinner = 11,000 yen (normal price of 13,100 yen)

**Yoga lessons are only valid on the single-day of your choosing
**Weekend lessons (Saturday/Sunday) cost an additional 1000 yen to the above quoted prices.
** 1-Day Package is not available on August 20th and August 24th

Weekday Package

  • 5 Yoga Classes + Free Onsen Use (1 use per day with yoga class) + Lunch (single lunch) = 14,500 yen (normal price of 19,000 yen)
  • 5 Yoga Classes + Free Onsen Use (1 use per day with yoga class) + Dinner (single dinner) = 17,000 yen (normal price of 23,100 yen)

Weekend Package

  • 3 Yoga Classes + Free Onsen Use (1 use per day with yoga class) + Lunch (single lunch) = 12,500 yen (normal price of 15,000 yen)
  • 5 Yoga Classes + Free Onsen Use (1 use per day with yoga class) + Dinner (single dinner) = 15,000 yen (normal price of 19,100 yen)

Terms and Conditions:

  • Yoga packages must be reserved at least one day in advance (cannot be booked the day of).
  • Lunch and Dinner reservation times do depend on restaurant availability. Please understand that your requested choice of time might not be possible. Once held, any changes must be requested a day in advance, requested changes will be subject to restaurant availability.
  • Yoga mats are available for free-use to participants, but quantity is limited.


To enquire, email the Ki Niseko Reservation Team at: [email protected]

Matt Kaiser

Posted on 27 July, 2016 by Matt Kaiser in Summer.