When coming to Niseko, Hokkaido over the summer months, there is nothing that will complete your experience more than a good Japanese-style barbecue! Rather than buying a grill for one time use or lugging one from home (particularly tough if you are coming from overseas!) we have you covered for everything you might need when you stay with us. However, just in case, we've put together this guide to help make sure your summer cookout is a searing success! Please keep in mind that not all of our resort homes and resort condominiums are able to accommodate a summer grill-out, so please let us know when booking if you are looking to do some cooking.

*Please note, that all of our packages, services, and prices do vary slightly on a year-to-year basis. For up-to-date information on our available packages, please see our website here or contact our Guest Services Team and they can assist you with adding available options and plans to your reservation.

Yakiniku Charcoal Grill Wiki Commons

Sizzling atop a charcoal grill!

1) Choosing your Grill

Traditionally, Japanese-style barbecues are done over charcoal-fueled grills. If you have ever been to a yakiniku or yakitori restaurant here in Japan, you will have likely had a glimpse of these kinds of set-ups. While charcoal barbecues are somewhat less common overseas, some may prefer a gas grill and we have you covered for either option! Keep in mind that if you have a particularly large group, you might even need to double-up to make sure that you and your friends are able to fully enjoy the feast!

Niseko barbecues

Standard charcoal-grill barbecue cooking away.

Bbq Gas Grill

Standard gas-grill barbecue ready to grill.

2) Selecting your Furnishings and Tools

Remember, simply having a grill won't get your party started! We offer a range of packages that include grills and some of your basic items, but sometimes you might find yourself needing a couple extra here or there to suit your group.

Make sure you have enough outdoor tables and chairs, making sure everyone has a chair and place to put down their plate and drink is essential. A BBQ Canopy might seem unnecessary at first glance, but you never know when it might rain and if it's sunny there are bound to be a shade-seeker. Make sure you have the right numbers of each piece of equipment to fit the group (don't worry, we will help with this if you are uncertain of what you need).

Don't forget to make sure you have any extras like additional fuel and grill screens if you are planning a prolonged event, and you might even fancy a hot plate if you are planning on cooking up Teppanyaki or Hokkaido Jingisukan, Genghis Khan.

A Yakiniku Meat Spread

To give you an idea of what a yakiniku meat spread might look like (please note that the actual meat spread might not look exactly like this).

3) Deciding on your Menu

This can be the hardest part of whole planning ordeal as for many guests who stay with us, it means that they would have to go into the nearby Kutchan town and try to decipher which meats are which (and unless you have been brushing up on your Japanese, this might be a bit difficult). To make this easier on you, we have put together a couple of plans combining different kinds of meats and veggies, priced by the person to ensure that everyone gets their fill! Food packages will include your standard utensils and condiments to tick-off the last of the necessary items.

If you are looking for some alcoholic beverages to top everything else off, we have draft beer kegs available for rental and other alcoholic beverages available to order!

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