Known as an international ski resort across the world, Niseko also has a lot to offer in the summer too. With a wide range of activities and events, here are five reasons why Niseko is one of the best destinations for a summer holiday. 

Mild and Comfortable Weather


Beat the heat! Niseko's unique terrain creates a mild temperature with clean fresh air that is not humid compared to other parts of Asia. Exploring the great outdoors of Niseko or enjoy a relaxing golf session surrounded by the beautiful mountain range.  

Delicious Fresh Produce

Hokkaido is well known as a gourmet's heaven, with the fresh seafood and vegetables produced locally during summer. Niseko is centrally located for food from all over Hokkaido. During summer, taste the freshest uni from Shakotan at Kagara Niseko, ice cream made from local Hokkaido milk at Milk Kobo or take a trip to Niseko View Plaza where you'll find the best local produce and interesting goods.

Family-friendly Activites

Niseko is an outdoor lover's paradise with a wide range of summer activities. Go whitewater rafting down Shiribetsu River, mountain biking around Niseko, hike the famous Mt. Yotei and much more!  

Cultural Celebrations

Nebuta Kutchan Town Potato Festival Jaga Matsuri 2016

Festivals form a key part of summer in Niseko. Watch the fire dance at Shakotan, gather potatoes at Jaga Matsuri (potato festival) or watch a large firework display in Niseko. With festivals happening almost every week during the July and August, this is absolutely unmissable!

Natural Scenery

The natural scenery in Niseko attracts many in the summer. Take a scenic hike up Mt Annupuri or ride the gondola and enjoy a panoramic view of Mt Yotei with a delicious meal from Ace Hill Restaurant

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Posted on 30 May, 2018 by Victoria in Summer.