Hanami is the annual Japanese custom of enjoying the beauty of cherry blossoms in full bloom. It is an activity loved by the nation during the spring season. 

In Niseko, cherry blossoms bloom slightly later than the rest of the nation, allowing visitors to enjoy spring skiing and cherry blossoms together. We recommend our guests take part in the festive event and follow our general guide of dos and don'ts during hanami. 

The Dos

Hanami Bento

Japanese hanami party food.

Bring Food and Drinks

A hanami party would be incomplete without food and drinks. Especially as public drinking is legal in Japan, we recommend bringing sake as it is considered the traditional hanami drink. Make sure to check the location you're visiting beforehand as some parks do not allow alcohol.

Picnic Blanket

Remember to bring a picnic blanket big enough for everyone.

Reserve Your Spot

Go early in the morning to get a good spot as hanami is an extremely popular custom. Once you have found your ideal location, lay down a picnic mat and enjoy the cherry blossoms around you.

Feet Foot Grass 2592

Keep the picnic mat clean.

Take off Your Shoes

Similar to entering a home in Japan, remove your shoes before stepping on to the picnic mat. 

The Don'ts


Take your trash with you.

Don't Leave Trash Behind

Carry an additional bag to take your rubbish with you when there are no public bins around. It is frowned upon to leave your rubbish behind or dispose of it incorrectly. 

Cherry Blossom Touch

Beautiful cherry blossoms during spring. 

Don't Touch the Trees

In Japan, there are cherry blossom trees which are over 2,000 years old. To preserve these beautiful trees, refrain from picking the flowers or breaking off branches. You can still take amazing photos even without touching the trees!

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Posted on 02 May, 2018 by Victoria in Summer.