What is the Go To Campaign?

Introduced by the Japanese government, the Go To Campaign is an initiative aimed at promoting domestic tourism. Travelers, including foreigners who are residents of Japan, are eligible for the discount.

The campaign is running until January 31st, 2021 (reservations with check out dates up to February 1st, 2021 are eligible), however the campaign will end once the total budget provided for the campaign has been used up.

Please note that all travelers must be residents of Japan to receive the discount.

What are the savings?

The Go To Travel offers subsidy of up to 50% of your stay, provided in two forms:

1. Accommodation discount coupon of 35% of your total accommodation cost, for a total up to Y14,000 per person per night.

2. Area coupons worth 15% of your total accommodation cost for a total up to Y6,000 per person per night. For details on how the coupons are calculated and where they can be used, please visit the Go To Campaign website (Japanese). Please note that the area coupons are to be used at eligible restaurants and service providers and cannot be used to pay for your accommodation cost. You can use your area coupons through Niseko Central to pay for some services such as lift passes and ski lessons.

*Niseko Central does not determine the exact amount of subsidy provided.
*Additional services booked through Niseko Central are included when calculating the subsidy amount.

How do I apply?

All accommodation rates shown on the Niseko Central website are before any Go To Campaign discounts. Once you have made a booking with Niseko Central during the eligible period, you will need to apply for a coupon using the website StayNavi (Japanese only).

After registering, you can apply for a coupon on your account page. If you need assistance using the site please contact our Reservations Team.

Once your coupon has been issued, we will automatically apply the discount onto your Niseko Central accommodation booking. The area coupons will be provided upon check-in.

As a part of the campaign requirements, you must provide photo ID of all Guest staying; our team will be in touch with you to collect the information before your arrival. Please note that your discount may be removed from your booking unless we have received all required details by your check-in date.

Please note that up to 7 nights are eligible for the Go To Campaign. For bookings for more than 7 nights, discounts will only apply to the first 7 nights .

Example of the StayNavi coupon application page (Japanese only)

Please note that the details of the campaign are subject to change without notice. For the latest information please visit the official Go To Campaign website (Japanese only) or contact our Reservations Team at [email protected].