A Tokyo-based company called Cerevo has come one step closer to delivering a snowboard that will actually ride for you. Cerevo's newly-released "smart" binding, named "XON SNOW-1," tracks the rider's centre of gravity, acceleration and balance of weight via four sensors loaded at the bottom of each foot. There are also flex sensors loaded at the front and tail of the board.

The data can be synced to an app via Bluetooth and viewed in real time, opening up the possibility for a full riding analysis on the chairlift back to the top of the mountain. Riders can even use the video overlay feature to project a visualization of their style.

We don't suggest you ditch your snowboard instructor just yet, and nor does the company, who liken the app to an instrument panel on a car.

The product has not yet been released to the public, but will be available "within the year 2015," according to Cerevo's website.

Rupert Orchard

Posted on 06 January, 2015 by Rupert Orchard in Winter.