Niseko Pizza Rock The Sapporo Autumn Festival

Niseko Pizza, a cornerstone of Niseko life for many years, may be well known around these parts but now their influence is spreading. Just like with the resort itself, the rest of Japan and the world are catching the bug of all things Niseko and from September 12th to 28th this year, Niseko Pizza went down to Sapporo Odori Park and did what they do best...made a lot of pizza!

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Number 2!

Niseko Pizza actually finished the Autumn Festival as the number 2 top-selling food place! Well done to them, especially as the top spot was taking by the Oyster Bar (not much talent in putting oysters on a plate!).

While Niseko is already world-famous for its incredible snow, the food scene here continues to grow as people recognise that we have an abundance of world-class Japanese and International food. We love Niseko Pizza, because just like Niseko Central, they are open year-round and help to keep the atmosphere in the village bubbling throughout the year.

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Chris Pickering

Posted on 16 October, 2014 by Chris Pickering in Niseko Life, Summer, Videos.