Orange sign, open 24-hours, there probably isn’t a single guest who's visited Niseko and hasn't come across Seicomart on the corner of the two main roads that intersect the Hirafu Village. The iconic Niseko convenience store has undergone renovations in preparation for another busy winter and, with its new Hot Chef kitchen, promises to be even more memorable.

Seicomart's new-and-improved look promises to increase the store's efficiency and shorten the long line than many will be familiar with. The Hot Chef kitchen fits the theme of speeding up their customer service as the items from the kitchen are hot and ready-to-eat. Additionally, the new kitchen brings variation to the convenience store's menu.


Seicomart's familiar orange and white banner featuring the new red "Hot Chef" sign and mascot.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Seicomart’s Hot Chef kitchen, they offer a range of prepared meals hot and ready-to-eat. The meals-to-go are cooked up fresh over the course of the day, their best availability being close to standard meal times. The cooked foods vary in size, ranging from a small snack to a full bento (lunchbox) and can often vary day-to-day.


The brand new "Hot Chef" shelf stocked full of hot foods like fried chicken, rice balls, and lunchboxes all hot and ready-to-eat.


A look at the new layout inside the recently renovated Seicomart on opening day.

Matt Kaiser

Posted on 27 October, 2015 by Matt Kaiser in Niseko Central News.