Winter and autumn are fighting for the mountain as each morning sees new coats of white and the afternoon seeks to melt the fleeting snow away. The white veins of snow that run down Mount Yotei get longer each morning and the runs on Grand Hirafu do as well. All of our staff are wondering when the first big dump of snow will come and who will be the first one to trek up the mountain and claim the first powder of the season.


Late morning snow still hasn't given up its place on the main run!

If you aren't excited for the coming winter season, it just might be time to start thinking about it! Niseko Central seasonal staff will be arriving in a few more weeks and all of our year-round staff are buzzing about the upcoming season.


Afternoon photo of Mount Yotei as of October 21


Morning photo of Mount Yotei as of today, October 30

Matt Kaiser

Posted on 02 November, 2015 by Matt Kaiser in Niseko Central News.