A stay at a hotel is no longer complete without certain amenities. A hotel serves as a home for most of its customers. It’s important for hotels to provide a comfortable and relaxing environment for its guests. Here comes the question: what hotel amenities should you consider to make your trip perfect?

Complimentary breakfast

Top 5 hotel amenities

Many hotels are starting to provide complimentary breakfast. You can spend $16 for a glass of apple juice in a hotel for your travel, but if you can enjoy a very nice breakfast during your stay at the hotel for free, why not? You could be traveling with your family, with your friends, or for business purposes, but either way, the complimentary breakfast makes your stay much more pleasant. It doesn’t only save you some money, but also gives you a happy morning time. So… claim your muffin!

Internet/free wifi


Internet is definitely a big part in traveling. It’ll be much more convenient for you if you have access to the Internet in the room, especially when you are traveling in a foreign country. You can look up information like top restaurants, fun activities or local events. Of course you can plan all of these ahead, but when you need to change your plans, you can do it anytime during your trip. If a hotel doesn’t offer Internet or free wifi service, say bye bye to it.

Free toiletries


Room size

room size

Imagine you finally got the chance to go for a trip to a beautiful place. You see the wonderful view, enjoy the delicious food and relax. You excitedly go in your hotel room and all of a sudden, you realize you can’t even find a place to put your suitcase. Surely you don’t want this happen to your dream trip. When you are looking for a hotel, make sure to check the room size.

24-hour front desk service

front desk service

It’s better to stay at hotels with 24-hour front desk service. If you need anything in the middle of the night, you can always get help from the hotel.

sBefore you decide which hotel to stay, consider these amenities first. It will help make your trip wonderful and unforgettable.

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