Experience Niseko Passport

Your passport to great discounts in and around Niseko during your stay with Niseko Central.

Your Experience Niseko Passport card will be provided to you upon arrival in the resort. Operation hours and services may vary depending on the season. Summer 2017 offers valid until November 21st, 2017. Winter 2017/18 offers will be available from November 2017. Terms & Conditions apply. For more information, please contact our Front Desk.

  • Summer


    A Bu Cha 2

    5% off
    Phone: 0136-22-5620

    An Dining

    5% off signature and premium course dinner (weekdays only, excludes holiday periods)
    Phone: 0136-22-5151

    Bang Bang & Bang 2 (Deux)

    10% off lunch or dinner
    *Band 2 (Deux) only open for lunch
    Phone: 0136-22-4292

    Gentem Cafe

    10% off (cash only)
    Phone: 0136-22-2020

    Green Saso Cafe

    5% off (cafe only)
    Phone: 0136-55-5934

    Guzu Guzu Bakery

    Spend over ¥1,000 and receive ¥100 off (take away bakery items only)
    Phone: 0136-21-4855


    10% off
    Phone: 0136-22-1123


    5% off food orders
    Phone: 0136-23-2220

    Kaneta Yoshida Kamabokoten

    10% off (excludes some items)
    Phone: 0135-62-0245


    ¥100 off drink with cake set
    Phone: 0136-55-8625


    Spend over ¥1,500 per person and receive a gift
    Phone: 0136-22-5677


    10% off cafe
    Phone: 0136-55-7046

    Okashi no Fujii

    Free original cookie for purchases over ¥1,000
    Phone: 0136-22-0050

    Snow Castle

    10% off
    Phone: 0136-22-1123

    Taj Mahal

    10% off (excludes special lunch menu)
    Phone: 0136-55-8699 (Annupuri)
    0136-22-4566 (Kutchan)

    Tsubara Tsubara

    Free topping (cheese, boiled egg or sausage)
    Phone: 0136-23-1116


    Grand Hirafu Gondola

    Summer Gondola Adult ¥1,100 ⇒ ¥1,000,
    Child ¥550 ⇒¥500
    Phone: 0136-22-0109

    Hanazono Activity Centre

    10% off summer activities (excluding packaged goods)
    Phone: 0136-21-3333

    iGATE IKEUCHI Aya & Niseko Village

    ¥500 off rental bikes
    Phone: 0136-55-8345 (Aya)
    0136-44-1181 (Niseko Village)

    K2 Stables

    Basic horse riding course ¥6,480⇒¥5,980
    Phone: 0136-44-3788

    Lion Adventure

    10% off summer activity
    Phone: 0136-43-2882


    10% off activities (excludes climbing)
    Phone: 0136-23-2093


    10% off activities
    Phone: 0136-23-1688


    10% off outdoor activities
    Phone: 0136-44-1133

    Otaru Bay Cruise

    10% off
    Phone: 0134-29-3131

    Otaru Canal Cruise

    10% off day cruises
    Phone: 0134-31-1733

    Otaru Port Marina Boat Yacht Cruise

    10% off cruising and yachting
    Phone: 0134-22-1311

    Rhythm Japan

    5% off bike rentals
    Phone: 0136-23-0164


    10% off entrance fee
    Phone: 0135-32-2131


    Aya Spa

    10% off massage
    Phone: 0136-23-4688

    Hotel Niseko Alpen

    Onsen: Adult ¥700 ⇒¥500,
    Child ¥400 ⇒¥300
    Pool: Adult ¥600⇒ ¥400,
    Child ¥400 ⇒¥200
    Rock bed bath: ¥1,000⇒¥750 (reservation required)
    Phone: 0136-22-1105

    Ki Spa

    10% off spa
    Phone: 0136-22-2121

    Relaxation Massage ARIGATO

    10% off massage
    Phone: 0136-23-2511

    Retree Massage

    15% off massage
    Phone: 090-9519-2620


    Coop Sapporo Kutchan

    5% off (excludes alcohol, tobacco, books and tenant shops)
    Phone: 0136-23-0123

    Hotel Niseko Alpen

    Gift shop 5% off (excludes some items)
    Phone: 0136-22-01105

    iGATE IKEUCHI Aya & Niseko Village

    Free drink voucher with any purchase
    Phone: 0136-55-8345 (Aya)
    0136-44-1181 (Niseko Village)

    Kutchan Oil

    ¥5 per litre off petrol and diesel
    Phone: 0136-22-1307

    Lucky Supermarket

    5% off (excludes alcohol, tobacco, rice and retail stores)
    Phone: 0136-21-3677


    Coleman store 5% off (Sapporo Shiroishi shop only)
    Phone: 011-860-1111


    10% off purchases over ¥10,000 (excludes some items)
    Phone: 0136-55-8086


    Cross Hotel Sapporo

    10% off (from rack rate, direct bookings only)
    Phone: 011-272-0010

    Hakodate Danshaku Club Hotel & Resorts

    10% off best rate (direct bookings only, mention Experience Niseko Passport when booking)
    Phone: 0138-21-1111

    Car Rental

    Toyota Car Rental Kutchan

    10% off (limited models, Shin Sapporo Kutchan only)
    Phone: 0136-25-1010

  • Winter

    Winter 2017/18 offers will be available from November 2017.


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    Car Rental

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