Niseko is a place that knows no boundaries when it comes to experiences and discovery. Whether you're after a warm break in the sunshine or a cool vacation in a winter wonderland, Niseko has something for everyone. And while there are certain activities that are determined by the seasons, like skiing and mounain biking to name just a few, somethings are ready to enjoy no matter what time of year you visit. Here's are some wonderful things to add to your holiday itinerary in Niseko:

1. Experience Next-Level Wellness with Onsens

Relax, fresh and re-energise with the many onsens located in and around Niseko. An onsen is a Japanese hot spring and the bathing facilities and inns frequently situated around them. Onsens are highly popular across Japan and every region in the country has its share of hot springs and resort towns, and Niseko is no different. Not only is it an incredible way to relax and relieve the body of tension and stress but it is also a wonderful cultural experience for foreign visitors to Japan. Niseko boasts over 25 onsen choices and entrance fees normally range from ¥500 to ¥1000.

Yukoro 768X432

Yukoro Onsen located in the Hirafu village.

2. Try Local Hokkaido Cuisine

Hokkaido is well known for its locally-grown produce and super fresh seafood, which can be enjoyed year-round. Depending on the time of year you visit, will will determine what is available on local menus as restaurants work to the season. Niseko has a range of restaurants open year-round including premium Japanese restaurant, An Dining, popular cafe, JoJo's, as well as traditional-style soup curry restaurant, Tsubara Tsubara,

20150612 Img 9830

Dish at An Dining, created using only the finest, local Hokkaido produce.

3. Immerse Yourself in Nature

Exploring the natural scenery in Niseko is something that can be enjoyed all-year round. In summer, why not enjoy one of the many hiking trails around the magnificent Mount Yotei? Covered with alpine flowers every summer with 10 kilometers of scenic trail, travellers can take in a myriad of flowers and plants, such as the Ezo violet, a rare endemic flower found in the mountainside of Niseko. Enjoy stunning views of the Sea of Japan and Lake Toya at the peak.

In winter, explore Niseko via snowshoe (footwear for walking over the snow). Experience a winter wonderland as you trek through the deep powder snow and witness what seems like another world. Snowshoeing is available for groups or private bookings and is perfect for families and all ages and fitness levels.

Snowshoe 4

Experience the magic of Mother Nature in Niseko.

4. Taste Milk Kobo

Who doesn't love a little sweet treat every now and again? And, when it's made from the freshest, Hokkaido dairy milk, it's pretty hard to say no. A visit to the ever-popular Milk Kobo is a must-do when visiting Niseko, anytime of year. Enjoy some of the best ice cream on Earth made from milk just squeezed at a nearby ranch. There's also a museum about the milk industry. Milk Kobo is particularly popular with families who would return to the shop many times during their stay in Niseko for more delicious treats!

Milk Kobo

A selection of treats from Milk Kobo.

5. Relaaax!

Whether you visit Niseko in the sunshine and vibrancy of summer or in the magical winter season, you will be sure to de-stress and soak away life's worries. Niseko delivers the perfect mix of adventure and relaxation in one destination. The question is then, when will you visit?

Plan your Niseko adventure and get set to experience the magic, anytime of year.

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