Niseko Restaurant Guide

Find the top restaurants and bars in Niseko-Hirafu. Enjoy memorable dining experiences with Niseko’s great range of food and drink.

Everything from traditional Japanese food to Western food, Niseko has a great range of restaurants. We can assist you to book some restaurants, while others require Guests to book directly. Please click on each restaurant link for more information and booking details.

Please note: many local restaurants are very small and last minute cancellations are very damaging to their business. Because of this, most restaurants have strict cancellation polices. Please read the individual restaurant pages for more information on the cancellation policies.


A Bu Cha 2 A Bu Cha 2

A Bu Cha 2 has Ishikari hot pot, sukiyaki and various contemporary Japanese dishes available.

Staff Pick
Img 2777 AKARU

Creative Japanese dishes and crisp fresh ingredients

An Dining Niseko An Dining

An Dining is located right inside Ki Niseko, so there's no need to go very far for great Niseko food.

Asahikawa Ramen Tozanken Asahikawa Ramen Tozanken

Genuine Asahikawa Ramen made from 100% Hokkaido wheat noodles, served in a smooth and rich soup at Asahikawa Ramen Tozanken

bang-bang Bang Bang / Bang 2

Various contemporary Japanese dishes available. A Niseko favourite.

the-barn The Barn

The Barn is showing a fresh new face and a new exciting A La Carte Menu.

crab-dining-kanon Crab Dining Kanon

Fresh crabs and local vegetables. Enjoy crab courses dinner and Japanese sake that best matches with the dishes.

ebisu-tei Ebisu-tei

Japanese Hochpotch and fresh sashimi!

Staff Pick
ezo-seafoods Ezo Seafoods

Serves fresh and fine catch of seafoods such as oysters, crabs and prawns.

fuji-sushi Fuji Sushi

Enjoy genuine Japanese dishes such as sushi, nabe hot pot, tempura and ramen in a spacious and relaxing environment.

grandpapa-fondue Grand Papa

Traditional Swiss cheese fondue made from Emental & Gruyeres from Switzerland.

hanoyoshi Hanayoshi

The only sushi restaurant in Niseko Town.

Staff Pick
jojos JoJo’s

Wide selection of Western-style dishes, such as hamburgers, pasta, pizza, and salads

Staff Pick
kamimura Kamimura

Enjoy a premier dining experience prepared by head chef Yuichi Kamimura.

Staff Pick
Kumo Restaurant General 1 Low Res Kumo

Kumo- Japanese soul food by day and a dazzling Izakaya by night

Staff Pick
la-villa-lupicia La villa LUPICIA

Modern cross-cultural cuisine incorporating both European and Japanese ingredients and cooking methods.

locanda L’ocanda

Italian restaurant and delicious cake shop.

Staff Pick
niseko-pizza Niseko Pizza

Niseko Pizza is a family run restaurant offering a menu made with lots of love and the best quality ingredients.

niseko-ramen-1 Niseko Ramen

Don't leave Niseko without trying their nationally famous creamy and fluffy potato ramen.

niseko-soan-1 Niseko Soan

Niseko's No.1 Yakiniku

raku Raku

One of the newest izakaya restaurants in the Niseko Hirafu village is situated just off Hirafu Zaka Street.

rakuichi-soba Rakuichi Soba

A cosy wooden interior will be the discovery of your trip with great dining in a secluded atmosphere.

asperges Restaurant Asperges Hanazono

An ultimate culinary journey led by 3-Star Michelin Chef Nakamichi

Staff Pick
Naniwatei Hero Robata Niseko Naniwatei

Enjoy an authentic Japanese dining experience in Niseko!

senchou Sencho

Seafood Izakaya based in Niseko-Hirafu.

sessa Sessa

Boasting a wonderful selection of Wagyu beef

shokusai-hirafu Shokusai Hirafu

Sushi and sashimi made from fresh seafood from the Sea of Japan and the Pacific Ocean.

steak-rosso-rosso Steak Rosso Rosso

Sizzling succulent Japanese Wagyu beef and Kobe beef.

teuchi-soba-ichimura Teuchi-Soba Ichimura

Carefully selected ingredients and homemade soba noodles in Niseko.

torimatsu Torimatsu

A brilliant yakitori/izakaya restaurant in Kutchan.

tsubara Tsubara Tsubara

Tsubara Tsubara is Niseko’s most famous soup curry shop.

tuk-tuk Tuk Tuk

Small, but delicious Thai Restaurant. Spicy food makes you warm!

Staff Pick
Waketake Waketake

Wakatake is a great place to experience some premium omakase sushi courses with a fantastic view of Mt. Yotei.

yo Yo

Yo serves traditional Japanese dishes in set courses including appetizers, salad, grill, main dish and dessert.