Congratulations to Chris, our Operations Manager, who managed to successfully finish the 2014 Hokkaido Marathon in Sapporo on Sunday. His finishing time of 2 hours and 55 minutes is impressive enough, not to mention his finishing position of 262 out of a total of just under 16,000 starters! Well done Chris.

The competition to guess Chris' finishing time was won by...Chris' dad, who despite living on the other side of the world guessed to within a minute. However, giving prizes out to family seems a bit wrong, so it has been passed down to Tom Moe Ringwold, whose optimistic guess of 2:42 was the closest time. Congratulations Tom!

Summer in Niseko is ideal for a whole range of sports. Most of the Guests who come to visit take on some rafting, play golf or even venture up the mountain and rush down on a mountain bike. Locals tend to spend their time cycling on the perfect roads and Niseko host a variety of bike races throughout the summer, including the Niseko Classic, Nature Ride and Hanazono Hill Climb. While Chris would obviously recommend running, we also have local triathlon clubs (not to mention triathlon legend Jess Ripper!) and NAC organises the Big Swim in nearby Lake Toya as well as the NAC Trail Run, which is coming up this weekend.

Niseko: best snow in the world in Winter, perfect for cycling, running, swimming, golfing, rafting and more in Summer!

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Chris marathon
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