Experience natural hot spring baths and unwind the Japanese way

Onsen offer a wonderful opportunity to experience a unique aspect of Japanese culture, bathing in mineral rich, naturally heated hot spring water. The Niseko area is particularly famous for the quality of its spring water, originating deep below the Niseko Range and Mount Yotei.

Some Onsen are included on the Niseko Central Niseko Passport, allowing Niseko Central Guests discounted entry. Pre-booking is not required and the various Onsen around the area are all uniquely wonderful, so give them all a try!

Apart from the Onsen closeby in Hirafu, a popular option in the Annupuri area is the mixed public Onsen (men and women together!) at the Grand Hotel. You can also book a private Onsen at Kanronomori for just your group.

You can find out more information on Japanese Onsen etiquette here.

Prices below are subject to change and payable directly to the onsen.

Onsen Name Phone Location Adult Child
Prince Hotel Hirafu-tei 0136 23 2239 Hirafu-Upper ¥1200 ¥600
Yugokoro-tei 0136 58 2500 Annupuri ¥1000 ¥500
Kanronomori 0136 58 3800 Konbu Onsen (near Annupuri) ¥1000 ¥300
Niseko Grand Hotel 0136 58 2121 Konbu Onsen (near Annupuri) ¥900 ¥450
Kira No Yu 0136 44 1100 Niseko Town ¥600 ¥250
Yukichichibu 0136 58 2328 Yumoto Onsen (Chisenupuri) ¥700 ¥300
Goshiki Onsen 0136 58 2707 Goshiki Onsenkyo ¥800 ¥500
Kyogoku Onsen 0136 42 2120 Kyogoku Town ¥600 ¥300
Makkari Onsen 0136 45 2717 Makkari Village ¥600 ¥250