Once the pristine powder snow melts, the Niseko area is awash with crystal clear river waters.

Price Snapshot

Rafting Half-day Adult: ¥6,156, Child: ¥4,104, Senior: ¥5,154
Save 10% on listed prices when booked through Niseko Central!

  • Information

    Please note that Niseko Central are not offering this service for the 2023-24 season.

    Please note the following information relates to last season. The information will be updated and the service will be available to book once prices and details are released by our supplier.

    The Niseko Adventure Centre (NAC) offers a range of excellent opportunities for both advanced rafters and for those looking for a tranquil drift through the National Park. A variety of courses for different confidence levels.

    Book through Niseko Central and receive 10% discount on all NAC water activities. You will need to present the Niseko Passport card which you will receive upon check-in. 

    All water activities are through Niseko internationally regarded Niseko Adventure Centre with professional supervision, training and all safety equipment and inventory supplied.

    Niseko rafting


    A variety of courses for different confidence levels.

    Half-day (3.5 hours) Available from 6 Apr to 4 Nov - 9:30 or 13:30 start time (minimum 4 people). 

    For dates between 8 Jul to 31 Aug (peak season, minimum of 4 guests), start times of 8:30, 9:30, 13:30 or 14:30 

    • Adult (13-59 years): ¥6,156
    • Child (6-12 years): ¥4,104 (from 1 Jun)
    • Senior (60+ years): ¥5,184
    • One boat: ¥41,256

    Half-day Family (2.5 hours) Available 6 Jul to 31 Aug - 10:00 or 13:00 start time

    • Suitable for families with young children (2~21 people)
    • Adult (13+ years): ¥5,184
    • Child (6-12 years): ¥3,132
    • Infant (3-5 years): ¥2,052
    • One boat: ¥36,072

    Platinum Half-day (3.5 hours) Available 6 Apr - 4 Nov

    • Private boat with tailor-made tour
    • AM or PM at Shiribetsu river
    • Includes photographer, photo CD, tea and a snack
    • 1 Boat (up to 7 people): ¥82,404

    River SUP

    Popularized in Hawaii, the SUP boards are very stable and easy to stand up on. Try out the latest fun water activity in Niseko!

    Half-day (3.5 hours) Available 1 Jun to 31 Oct - 9:30 or 13:30 start time (minimum of 2 people)

    • Adult (13-59 years): ¥6,156
    • Child (7-12 years): ¥4,104

    *If you are an advanced level for SUP, there is also a rental option (no guide).



    Like rafting but in a small 1-2 person boat - a fantastic experience for the more adventurous types!

    Half-day (3.5 hours) Available 1 Jun to 4 Nov 9:30 or 13:30 start time. 8:30 and 14:30 start also available between 8 Jul to 31 Aug only. 

    • Adult (13+): ¥6,156
    • Minimum of 2 people

    River Kayaking

    A relaxing paddle down the scenic Shiribetsu river.

    A self paddling tour with spectacular natural scenery. Your guide will lead you down a calm and serene part of the river. The kayaks we use are sit on kayaks and they are very stable and easy to paddle. This tour is for all and you can choose from tandems or single kayaks.

    Half-day (3.5 hours) Available 1 Jun to 31 Oct - 9:30 or 13:30 start time

    • Adult (13-59 years): ¥6,156
    • Child (7-12 years, must ride tandem with an adult): ¥4,104

    Sea Kayaking

    Held in the Oshoro Bay off Otaru, you will have exclusive access to untouched natural wonders. Some of the spectacles you will see include the nesting sites of seabirds, as well creatures of the sea, like starfish, sea urchins, fish and much more! The kayaks are very stable and easy to manoeuvre, so we welcome families and kids. They are two-seater, so the tour is perfect for couples or parents and their children.

    Half-day (3 hours) Available 1 Jun to 30 Sep - 9:00 or 13:00 start time

    • Adult (13-59 years): ¥6,156
    • Child (6-12 years): ¥4,104
    • Senior (60+ years): ¥5,184


    Experience the adrenaline rush of jumping off waterfalls and sliding through nature's water park, deep in the mountains of Shakotan. 

    Half-day (4.5 hours) Available 6 Jul to 31 Aug - 13:00
    Adult (16+ years): ¥6,156
    Minimum of 3 people


    Experience Niseko beautiful nature with your family friends. Tours include crater lakes, mountain marshes, streams and a wealth of fauna and flora.

    Available 1 June - 31 Oct
    AM: 9:30-13:00, PM: 13:30-17:00

    Adult (12+ years): ¥4,104 
    Child(7-12 years): ¥3,132

    Minimum of 2 people
    Minimum age: 7 years old

    Summer Night Trekking

    Enjoy the night atmosphere of Niseko and experience trekking under the moonlight.

    Available 6 July - 18 Aug
    19:30 - 21:00 (About 1 hour and a half)

    Adult (12+): ¥3,888
    Child(5-11 years old): ¥2,700
    Under 5 years old: ¥1,728

    Minimum of 2 people

  • Terms

    Terms for NAC

    • Bookings can only be accepted more than 24 hours in advance.
    • From 7 days to 4 days before 50% will be charged for any cancellations. Cancelling within 3 days of your booking will incur a 100% cancellation fee.
    • Tours may be cancelled at any time by NAC due to unsafe weather (ie: natural disaster). In this case Guests will be offered an alternative date for the tour or a full refund.

      Bookings are subject to the Niseko Central terms and conditions.
      Requests for changes or cancellations should be sent via email to [email protected].