Cruise through the powder snowfields with stunning views!

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    Looking to enjoy something apart from skiing or snowboarding in Niseko? Guided sightseeing snowmobiling is a thrilling way to enjoy the local scenery. Tours provided by White Isle Snowmobile Park where children as young as 6 years old can also participate with shared rides.

    White Isle offer snowmobiling Tour with a free pick-up service from Hirafu to their snowmobile park located near Hanazono and also provides helmets for all guests.

    Snowfield Course

    Enjoy a 60 minutes guided tour through the snowfields with great views of Mt. Yotei on a clear day. A great way to spend the day exploring the area with your family and friends.

    Group Tour

    Type of Snowmobile250cc and under500cc and over
    Single Ride (1 Person)¥12,000¥18,000
    Twin Ride (2 Person)¥18,000¥27,000

    Private Tour

    Type of Snowmobile250cc and under500cc and under
    Single Ride (1 Person)¥18,000¥27,000
    Twin Ride (2 Person)¥27,000¥40,500

    *A minimum of two snowmobiles must be booked for a private session.

    Super View Course

    This 90 minutes tour that takes you up the mountains with amazing views on clear days.

    This features a stronger, faster, more powerful engine and a lightweight frame, giving you greater control while enhancing speed, letting you tackle any winter terrain.

    Available: 1 February 2024 - 31 March 2024 (11:30am and 2:30pm)*Snow condition dependent

    Group Tour

    Type of Snowmobile 250cc and under500cc and over
    Single Ride (1 person)¥18,000¥27,000
    Twin Ride (2 person)¥27,000¥40,000

    *Upgrade to 500cc and over is ONLY available for experienced riders. You must have ridden a snowmobile, by yourself at least 3 times.

    Private Tour

    Type of Snowmobile 250cc and over500cc and over
    Single Ride (1 person)¥27,000¥40,500
    Twin Ride (2 person)¥40,500¥60,000

    *A minimum of two snowmobiles must be booked for a private session.


    • Helmets are included in the tour package
    • All driver of the snowmobile must be an adult (16+ years old)
    • All children 6+ years old must be accompany by an adult 16+ years old driver who can operate the snowmobile
    • Accessories including clothing can be booked directly with White Isle on the day of tour
    • Other guests may be in a same pick-up transfer
    • Pick-up available only from Upper Hirafu accommodations
    • Tour operator reserve rights to change snowmobile model to different type for guest's safety
    • For 1 group, 5 maximum snowmobiles is recommended (5 people for single ride, 10 people for twin ride)
    • A 250cc snowmobile recommended for beginners and option of upgrading to a 500cc snowmobile for experienced drivers
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  • Terms
    • Bookings can only be accepted from Niseko Central Guests.
    • Bookings are not confirmed until you receive confirmation from Niseko Central via email.
    • Bookings are subject to the Niseko Central terms and conditions.
    • Requests for changes or cancellations should be sent via email to [email protected].
    • Changes and cancellations 2 days prior to the booking date will incur a 100% cancellation fee.
    • “Cancellation” includes changes that reduce the overall value of the booking and any changes to the times.
    • Guests are required to be ready to board the shuttle service on time. If guests are not ready by their requested pick-up time, the guests will not be taken to the snowmobile park. Please kindly note that the shuttle service has a strict schedule and guests will incur a 100% cancellation fee if they miss their shuttle.